Welcome to the Southern Illinois University Carbondale's Center for Embedded Systems

The Center for Embedded Systems (CES) is a reseach collaboration between academia (Arizona State University and Southern illinois University Carbondale), industry (leading electronics companies throughout the world) and government (the National Science Foundation). Its purpose is to advance in the field of embedded systems in algorithms, applications, and architectures to new levels; thereby, sharing resulting advancements and commercializing applications to advance commerce.

CES was founded by the National Science Foundation as an industry/university cooperative research center (I/UCRC) in 2009 as a multi-university center between Arizona State University and Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The center conducts industry-university research projects that are funded by its industry members, the NSF and the two participating Universities. CES sponsors an internship program, provides research support for students and faculty, and administers a relevant embedded systems curriculum.


Embedded Systems

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