Our P3 Team is working hard on the 2nd EPA Phase I project related to harmful algal bloom.

Standing row from left: Dr. Boyd Goodson, Dr. Jia Liu, Dr. Ruopu Li, Sudip Baral; Sitting row from left: Supria Sarkar, Ishani Senanayake, Sushmita Regmi, Nafeesa Khan, 04/14/2021.

EPA P3 Phase I Research Grant Awarded to Liu's Team for the 2nd time

on 'Harmful Algal Bloom Early Mitigation by Magnetic Photocatalysts' on 11/09/2020.

EPA P3 Phase II Research Grant Awarded to Liu's Team

on 'Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Removal by Photocatalysis for Water Reuse' on 06/24/2020.

PhD student Chunjie Xia was endowed the Dissertation Research Assistantship Award at SIUC

on 04/16/2020. Congratulations!

Master student Sudip Baral won the Willis Swartz Graduate Student Award

for Materials Research on 02/27/2020. Congratulations!

Liu's group is funded by SIU's Advanced Coal and Energy Research Center.

On photocatalytic transformation of biomass, 6/17/2019

Our P3 Team is working hard on the EPA Phase I project.

First Row from Left: Dr. Boyd McLean Goodson, Chunjie Xia, Dr. Jia Liu, and Linkon Bhattacharjee; Second Row from Left: Max Ehren Gemeinhardt, Dr. Michael James Lydy, Andrew Derby, Tristin Miller, Kierstin Lipe, and Peerzada Madany, 5/8/2019

Exhibition on Illinois Junior Academy of Science State Science Fair

Our EPA project and Illinois Water Resources Center project, with other water-related study were presented, 5/4/2019

PhD Student Chunjie Xia's 2019 Summer Research was funded by

Material Technology Center, SIU

Exhibition on Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

UN Sustainable Development Goals Event, SIU, 2/28/2019

EPA P3 Research Grant Awarded to Liu's Team

Illinois Water Resources Center Research Grant

Awarded to Liu's Group

Illinois Groundwater Association Research Grant

Awarded to Liu's Group