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Research activities in Ahmed's group at SIU focus mainly in the field of theoretical and computational nanoelectronics with particular efforts to address technological challenges and bottlenecks and to find possible solutions. The group is currently interested and working on the multiscale electronic structure and quantum transport modeling of various nanostructures including novel transistors, semiconducting 2-D structures and nanowires, quantum dots and nanocrystals, solid-state lighting sources and their reliability, nanoscale thermoelectric and piezoelectric energy-harvesting devices, and nanoelectronic devices for applications in harsh environments. Research and computational efforts in Ahmed's group make extensive use of advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art high-performance cluster and CPU/GPGPU distributed computing platforms. The Group is also extensively involved in developing community nanoelectronics software/tools for researchers and academicians around the globe.

Shown below is a graphical sketch describing the Group's activities:



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